Safety First!

Safety First!

Safety First!Safety First!Safety First!

Teaching the proper techniques and care for handling firearms.

About Us


Dedicated Instructor

Dedicated Instructor

Dedicated Instructor

Safe Shot Firearm Academy, LLC. was founded by Wayne Inzerello in 2014. After working in the firearms industry, specifically at a gun range it was obvious that just because a person owns a firearm does not mean they know how to use it safely. After watching many people struggle with handling a firearm Safe Shot Firearm Academy was born.

Wayne is a certified NRA instructor, affiliate USCCA instructor and a certified Chief Range Safety Officer. The main objective is to teach individuals safe gun handling.

Students are taught proper firearm handling, aiming, stance, breath control, grip and range protocol. 

In addition, Wayne is also approved to teach Conceal Carry classes for the following States:

  • Illinois
  • Utah
  • Florida
  • Arizona

A wide range of classes are available from very basic to Illinois Conceal Carry Classes. Youth classes are also available.

Please visit our Class Descriptions Page for more class information.

Safe Shot Firearm Academy is affiliated with some of the best instructional organizations in the world, including the National Rifle Association (NRA), Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA) and United States Conceal Carry Association (USCCA).


Class Offerings

Dedicated Instructor

Dedicated Instructor

Youth Firearm Safety Class

Classroom and Range.

First Steps Class

Designed for first time firearm owners

Introduction to Handguns

Classroom and Range.

Ladies Only Class

Classroom and Range.

Situational Awareness


Personalized on-range training.
​Custom tailored classes.

NRA Certified Classes

Conceal Carry Classes -

Illinois - Utah - Florida - Arizona

Holster Training

First Aid/CPR/AED Classes

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Our Goal

Dedicated Instructor

Our Goal

Safe Shot Firearm Academy's mission is to promote safe firearm handling.

Class sizes are kept small in order to provide personalized instruction by a certified instructor to all students.

Students are encouraged to ask any and all questions and share their experiences.

If you do not see a training class that fits your needs, please contact us and we will customize personal training for you or your family.

Group and family rates available.​ 

We accept most major credit cards.